Lynn Canyon Park

Lynn Canyon - North Vancouver

Walking into the Canadian forest, hiking appreciating rivers and waterfalls. Every point mentioned before you can enjoy for free in the Lynn Canyon Park. Located in North Vancouver, this is an awesome sights around Vancouver.

I have been in this park on Saturday, April 12, where I could realize how imponent is the Canadian spring. Furthermore huge trees, green water and a sunny day helped me to enjoy my experience there.


At Lyyn Canyon Park  it’s possible to explore different places, but here you can see the 3 main points.



You can go from Vancouver/Downtown to Lynn Canyon Park by public transportation. I spent around 1h30min departing from East Vancouver.

At Waterfront you have to get the Seabus for North Vancouver. Then you can get the #228 or #229 bus and stop at Peter Rd. After that you need walk about 10 minutes to reach the park.

*Don’t forget buying your Zone 2 ticket if you go by public transportation. During the weekend you can use Zone 1 ticket.



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